Past Winners

Pigskin tattoo poster advertising Gold Winner

To attract as many visitors as possible to the 11th Tattoo Convention in St. Gallen, Switzerland, tattoo parlor Skin Deep Art knew that something unusual had to be done.

Hobbled by a small budget, the company turned to its agency Agentur am Flughafen to make a splash and generate buzz. Together the companies created a campaign that showcased Skin Deep Art's tattooing of real pigskins, an old-fashioned practice among tattoo artists. The pigskins were installed in the entertainment district of town with the headline, "The Product is the Hero." 

The tattooed skins functioned as posters promoting the event, complete with pull tabs—like paper flyers—that also served as free entry to the convention.

The convention had record turnout and the campaign generated a lot of word-of-mouth publicity for the event.


Agentur am Flughafen


Skin Deep Art, St. Gallen

Creative Director:

Rene Eugster

Art Director:

Miriam Egli