Past Winners

The People's Car Project Gold Winner

Working with Proximity, Volkswagen created “The People’s Car Project,” an online social and CRM program that let consumers reinvent car designs. To illustrate the effort, the agency built the “Flubber Car,” a 3D modeling device that changes when consumers add their ideas. The agency created three viral videos featuring the “Flubber Car,” interacting with normal people on the street. The first video was called “Jianzi”, which showcased a group of friends playing the ballgame “Jianzi” while the car creeps towards them and joins in the game when the ball comes its way. “Parking” featured the car trying to squeeze into a tiny parking space in Shanghai. The “Driving Off Chengdu” video shows the car out in the rain, shaking itself dry like a dog. “Brilliant idea,” commented one Caples judge. “Makes you love the brand.” The videos were viewed more than 6.7 million times in the first 10 weeks.


Proximity China/Goodstein & Partners


Volkswagen Group China

Executive Creative Director:

Georg Warga

Creative Directors:

Yufan Cheng, Brandon Burns