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Finding homes for the SPCA’s rescue dogs can be a little “ruff” in New Zealand, particularly because many people view the canines as “second-rate mutts.” To prove that rescue dogs are just as smart as any other breed, SPCA sponsor MINI worked with Draftfcb to put the paws to the metal and taught three dogs how to drive.

SPCA and MINI showed off their four-legged friends via YouTube, Facebook, and popular current-affair shows, letting people know that they could watch the doggy drivers train online. In addition, Draftfcb and MINI used online, press, radio, social, and TV to generate excitement around a “Live Drive” event in which the pooches drove a lap around a track. After the Live Drive, the companies seeded the footage virally along with a CTA adoption message supported by online, press, radio, social, and TV.

The campaign reached more than 1 billion people and was a doggone success. A YouTube video featuring driving dog Porter cruising around the track received more than 10 million YouTube views, the most viewed New Zealand advertising viral video in history. The campaign also reached more than 70 million puppy lovers via Twitter and drove a 245% peak engagement rate with 18,000 Facebook fans. In addition, the campaign trended globally on Twitter and received news coverage in more than 70 countries.

But the success metric that generated the most tail-wagging was that New Zealanders adopted every SPCA dog by the end of the campaign, and research showed that people were twice as likely to overcome their negative perception as prior to the campaign. MINI sales also increased 160%.


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