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BYO Cup Day Gold Winner

7-Eleven partnered with Leo Burnett to provide Australians with a way to honor 7-Eleven’s famed Slurpee—and distinguish itself from Slurpee competitors. On September 21, 2011, 7-11 launched Bring Your Own Cup Day and asked its 150,000 Facebook friends: “If you could fill up any cup with Slurpee what would it be?” The answers were varied and plentiful.

Throughout the day, 7-Eleven’s 650 Australian locations witnessed Slurpee enthusiasts slurp out of helmets, dog bowls, prosthetic legs, and more, all for the price of regular Slurpee. By the end of the day 350 of those stores ran out of the craved mixture. The event was covered by mainstream and online media.

Bring Your Own Cup Day resulted in nearly 100,000 Slurpee servings—tipping the scale at approximately half a million liters of Slurpee. 7-Eleven surged past unit sales from the same date the previous year by 270% and have continued to see sales increase each month since the event. 7-Eleven also experienced more user-generated content in a single day than the company ever had in the past.


Leo Burnett



Executive Creative Director:

Jason Williams

Creative Group Head:

Andrew Woodhead

Art Director:

James Orr


Elle Bullen