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BLEAARRGH! Have a suck and stick it to them Silver Winner

To show their support for the All Blacks rugby team during the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Foodstuffs New Zealand, its grocery store brand PAK'nSAVE and its agency DraftFCB New Zealand, created the Supporter-Pop, a lollipop with a special recipe that turned the eater's tongue black. Foodstuffs gave the treat to PAK'nSAVE customers so that they could physically show their support for the All Blacks. Customers were encouraged to share photos of their black tongues online. The grocer made and gave away Supporter-Pops to a million customers, about 25% of the nation.


DRAFTFCB New Zealand


Foodstuffs New Zealand

Executive Creative Director:

James Mok

Art Director:

Leisa Wall


Scott Kelly