About Us

Caples celebrates the work of the most courageous practitioners in direct marketing: audacious creative leaders and the marketers they champion. Those whose work defines courageous: daring, unique, astounding.  And those who use most every channel at their disposal to boldly ask customers to take action—to advocate, buy, click, share—and then track whether they did. 

What else sets Caples apart? It’s the only international direct marketing awards for creatives judged exclusively by creatives—leaders from more than 30 agencies around the world who come together to judge entries on three key campaign components: the boldness of the concept, the logic of the execution, and the strength of the outcome. In other words, the most courageous creative solutions to today’s toughest marketing challenges.

Show you’re audacious.  Save the date and start planning today what you'll enter in the New Year.

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