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Tomorrow can be different Silver Winner

With winter approaching and the economic crisis in full swing, Australian charities knew that there would be many more people requiring aid even as fewer were able to donate. Clemenger Group Limited needed to garner $4 million in donations just to keep up the fight against poverty — $1 million more compared with 2008's objective. To help potential donors relate, people in need were asked to contribute to a collaborative journal.  Responding to one simple question, “What does today mean to you?,” they were given the chance to express what it feels like living below the poverty line. Submissions were sent to donors and prospects directly. On TV and radio, the stories reached a wider audience with a strong call for donations. The target was exceeded by 20% and the charity raised more than ever before.


Clemenger Proximity


St. Vincent de Paul Society

Executive Creative Director:

Richard Maddocks

Creative Director:

Guy Rooke

Art Director:

Heather Sheen