Past Winners

Rob Rasmussen Special Award Winner

Ever since taking a commercial arts class as a junior in high school, Robert Rasmussen, this year's winner of the Caples Irving Wunderman Award, says he knew where he wanted to be.

“I can remember working on the Whole Foods logo in 1985—but as old as that makes me sound, I'm not really all that old,” jokes the Wunderman Award winner. The honor is presented annually at Direct Marketing News's Caples Awards and recognizes an innovative, creative leader with an exceptional body of creative work, as well as outstanding service to the direct marketing community.

From high school commercial arts to senior art director at Wieden + Kennedy, executive creative director at BBH, and chief creative officer at Tribal DDB, it's been a wild ride and one Rasmussen says he's thoroughly enjoyed.

Now working as a freelance creative director, Rasmussen reflects on the creative process and why direct marketing is relationship marketing.