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Lounge Gold Winner

Challenged to devise a direct marketing campaign to promote the loyalty program of fictitious retailer Campus Mart as part of the Caples Student Campaign of the Year (SCOTY) competition, this year’s winners—Shannon Craig and Chelsea Francis, undergraduates at Liberty University—went all out, creating a fully multichannel, well-developed effort that could be easily put into practice at any big agency.

In addition to rebranding Campus Mart into the much trendier-sounding “Lounge,” Craig and Francis’s detailed marketing plan outlined exactly what they’d do with a $1 million budget: maintain an effective presence on all major social media channels; create a dorm makeover “Win a Lounge” sweepstakes with email and Pinterest integration; design a creative direct mail piece inviting customers to spruce up their spaces; hire campus reps to spread buzz, maintain visibility, and distribute free branded merchandise; and coordinate live events—dubbed “The Listening Lounge”—at which musical acts popular with the college and pre-college crowd, such as Regina Spektor and Mumford & Sons, would perform concerts at strategically chosen campuses across the country.

Also noteworthy, Craig and Francis kept firmly in mind—and in budget—the need to account for robust analytics and tracking throughout. Now that’s direct.

Says Direct Marketing News Editor-in-Chief and SCOTY judge Ginger Conlon: “The students considered the actual tactics behind their strategy and had examples for each execution.”


Shannon Craig
Chelsea Francis


Liberty University